Buying And Bringing Cars From Georgia

Buying And Bringing Cars From Georgia

2 Nisan 2018 0 Yazar: Erhan GENÇ


I’ve been thinking about buying a car all this time. Even a few months ago I wrote an article about getting the car.When we really think about this period, the car is now one of the essential needs.

But the owner,my car and so on.when I look at the places that sell hand cars, I have to say that the prices are unbelievable.The most interesting thing is that these cars have to be less than the prices on the sites.The most simple normally used car of the street should be at most 5000 TL or something,but the market is currently 10.000 or even the job of the author of prices such as 12.000 TL. However, this car does not cost these prices.

I noticed something when I was looking for different alternative ways.I noticed that I had the chance to bring a car with a higher model and cheaper than Bulgaria and Georgia.And these tools are on you.And even 6 months before the exit should be done this time 2 years.While researching Facebook pages, as of today, I came across a Facebook page called a popular Georgian car, 120k. I observed a few comments and found that it was positive.In fact, friends have published a video to show confidence.

Related to sales and entry to Turkey with friends are giving 100% positive sales guarantee.In fact, they do not neglect to share a few references.I must admit, personally, I still have question marks in my head, but I’m looking positive.

They answered frequently asked questions about the page. (This content it was taken from his address.)

Georgia Cars, frequently asked questions.
Please read this information before asking questions please.

General Information;

What is the Georgian cars platform?

– Our company, because of the high rates of taxes and SCT of vehicles in Turkey is in an exorbitant car prices alternative solution to offer, you are a resident citizen abroad as a license holder, making you want to have a tax-free and cheap vehicle. In this way, with the foreign license plate vehicle you will get from us, you are entitled to enjoy the vehicle in Turkey at a cheap price. Moreover, you do not have to be a citizen of Georgia or other countries, and every Turkish citizen can benefit from our opportunities. In short; we allow you to use these opportunities by making you a licensee.

1. I am a Turkish citizen, I am not a dual citizen or a foreign citizen. Can I get a car from you and use it in Turkey without any problems?

– Yes, you can.

2. Do I have to come to Georgia? Do you bring vehicles to Turkey?

– No, we are not bringing vehicles to Turkey. To get a car, you need to come to Tbilisi Georgia and get support for your license transactions from us. You are not allowed to drive without a license.

You have to come to Georgia to buy a car, we are not bringing a car to Turkey!

You have to come to Georgia to buy a car, we are not bringing a car to Turkey!

You have to come to Georgia to buy a car, we are not bringing a car to Turkey!

You have to come to Georgia to buy a car, we are not bringing a car to Turkey!

3. How long can I use the car I will take over Georgia in Turkey?

– You can use any car purchased through Georgia without any problems for 2 years. You have 3 options at the end of 2 years.

A-) The first one is to come back to Georgia and go back to Turkey on the same day by changing the vehicle plate through customs. Plate exchange + back Clearance Fee according to the price of the car you receive $ 300 and the model may vary as you increase. If you want to use the same car, we recommend this method. This is the total cost you will make in two years. You will not pay any tax, examination, Visa, banderole fees. Automatically bought the car at 60% cheaper, 2 years by paying a small amount of comfortably, you will have the luxury of good car riding.

B-) the second way is to bring your car to Georgia at the end of 2 years and swap it with a new vehicle. The total cost of this; you will be asked to pass through customs fee (1000 to 1500 TL), + customs fee + the new car swap fee, you will find your total cost of two years. That way you get another year or two. This is the total cost you will make in two years. You will not pay any tax, examination, Visa, banderole fees. Automatically bought the car at 60% cheaper, 2 years by paying a small amount of comfortably, you will have the luxury of good car riding.

C-) the last way, you want to sell your car and turn your money into cash. You can also do this to your friends who want your car from Turkey, you can sell your car on the Internet or Facebook through us, or you can sell it by bringing it to our gallery. What is important is that the sale of the vehicle can only be made in Georgia. You can’t sell the car in Turkey.

4 – How can I trust you? Is it possible to see references or vehicles you have sold to Turkey before?

– Your security is important. First of all, by visiting us and our galleries, you can see the vehicles live, try and get information before you buy. You can call our customer representatives who have already made sales and received vehicles from us, and you can call our friends who have sold vehicles to Turkey and visit our friends who are currently our representatives and find the opportunity to have a one-to-one conversation and sight of vehicles in Turkey. If you’re in insecurity, you can come with your lawyer, family, friends. We always wait for tea and coffee.

5 – What are the other costs to pay?

– There is no extra cost in the prices – The amount you pay is just the amount you see on the page. Customs and licensing works are done on behalf of us.

6 – are these procedures legal? Why does not everyone use these tools in Turkey if it is so easy to get a car?

– Yes, all transactions are completely legal, after receiving your car, you can enter the dial-up in person, you can negotiate with members of the police or traffic. At the time you receive a license, you will be treated as a resident person abroad and you will benefit from this right for the rest of your life with the entry and exit you will make in 2 years. Since it is a bother to go and visit Georgia in two years, not everyone has to choose these tools.

7 – Can I turn a foreign license vehicle into a Turkish license?

– It’s up to you. You purchase vehicles after Safety check and are completely imported in accordance with the procedures. If you want a Turkish plate, it is valid for vehicles under the age of 3. You can turn your vehicle into a Turkish plaque by contacting the Customs Directorate of the vehicles you are under 3 years of age and paying the required SCT and VAT. These operations allow you to profit 10-20% more than the vehicles in Turkey. I mean, you’re still profitable under all circumstances. However, if you do not want to drive and deal with procedures with 60% profit, we recommend that you use your car with a foreign license plate. The advantage of this work is that it is used with foreign plates.

8 – I had an accident with my car or got it stolen or encountered an unwanted situation. What procedure am i supposed to follow?

– The first thing you have to do after receiving your car is to have insurance in Turkey. Compulsory traffic insurance is obligatory in foreign vehicles. Your mandatory traffic policy should be active against any accidents that may happen to you. You can make kasko in Turkey if you wish against situations such as stolen etc. Kasko and insurance services are performed on the same Turkish vehicles. There are no extra costs or any other costs.

For more information, please contact the insurance companies in Turkey.

9-How is turnkey done?

– Turnkey price means price including customs and other expenses. You are forbidden to use these vehicles in Turkey without a license, you have to come to Georgia to be a license holder. It is worth mentioning again that you have to come to Georgia to get a car.

9 – I knew I could stay here for a maximum of 6 months, 6 months, what is the original?

– As a Turkish citizen, you do not have the right to remain 6 seconds, not 6 months. After we have licensed you, you will have the right to stay in Turkey for 2 years. When you return to Georgia at the end of this 2-year period, you will be charged a small amount of customs. The amount to be requested varies according to the price of the car between TL 1000 and TL 1500.

10 – how much is the tax?

– Foreign vehicles do not have tax and inspection fees. During the time you use neither in Turkey nor Georgia do not pay any fees

11 – I didn’t see it in the Facebooks, but … do you have that car?

– The car we share is the car we control, there is no car we do not share, it is new or has not been tested. Our customers who are not shopping before the car research is free so we do not charge the kapora. If you have different vehicles you want, and we tell you that we still want the picture and exact vehicle Information, but only if you send the car to kapora can do the research. Since everyone is a serious buyer, we decided not to do vehicle research for anyone without a certain amount of money. The purpose of this is to separate the serious customers from the people who make fun of them. The amount you submit is reflected as a discount to the vehicle you receive. As we always say, you don’t have to buy a car, we don’t sell a car by force. This way we can spend more time with our real customers by minimizing the waste of time.

‘But how can I know the price of the vehicle, and so response to questions such as, Turkey price based on the price of at least half recommend that you move on the basis of’ other than this, please do not ask questions such as whether this vehicle has a vehicle, will not be answered.

12 – do you have a motorcycle? Do you have a van? Do you have a tractor? Is there a ship? Is there a spaceship? Is there a plane? Do you bring spare parts?

– We only sell cars, jeeps, SUVs. Do not ask us the types of vehicles written above. We don’t send spare parts, we sell cars.

We sell cars, SUVs and Jeep types. Please do not ask for any other type of vehicle.

13 – the prosecutor said so, the governor made a statement, so we heard that the vehicles bağlayıyorlar what is the original?

– Recently we have frequently received such questions, there are a great deal of truth to these reports. We support the statements made in the name of reducing the victimization of the customer group we are constantly warning and trying to trade with people we do not know, see or hear before. However, these reports have nothing to do with the procedures we apply. Within the procedures we write, we can easily see from our page that no one using the tool has any problems and continues to be sold. Such situations can arise and customers are being victimized in the so-called work forms without proper and ladder. Please pay attention to the quality and history of trade let’s shop.

Why don’t you have a car for 14 – 2000 dollars?

– You can’t buy a car for $ 2,000. You can take a walking vehicle at least $ 2000 is listed around the appropriate fall. Customs expenses and license costs totalde $ 4000 finds or passes. Do not ask questions such as do you have a cheaper car over and over again. If you want to buy a cheaper car, you will face situations where citizens who lose or are seized from the vehicles you see on the news..

15 – do you sell vehicles without VAT and SCT?

– We don’t sell Handicapped-class cars. Vehicle sales is done by us in normal procedures. You take your vehicle and the Turkish customs, KDV and excise from the exemption conditions yourself görüşyorsunuz. Please consult the Ministry of customs of Turkey before taking the vehicle.

16-how much money is the lowest car, send pictures?

– The lowest priced vehicles you can get are added on all the costs of 4000-5000 dollars to exit to Turkey.

17. can anyone else use the car if I take it on myself?

– As long as you’re in the vehicle, everyone can use it. But if you don’t, just one. your degree relatives are good to use. Your wife, your mother, your father, your children.

18 – how much would it cost if we wanted to sell the car at the end of 2 years?

– The answer to this question is based on many criteria. Considering the mileage, accident, and general condition of the car at the end of 2 years, it is equivalent to a price Average on the basis of the prices of the current equivalent vehicles. The general value loss of a car is around 10% per year. Depending on your sales strategies and your buyers, your selling price may be higher or lower than your buying price. You set the price yourself. We offer you the opportunity to swap your vehicles at a reasonable price. If you want to sell, we support the sale via our gallery or the internet.

19 – tax, examination, how is the banderol?

– There is no tax banderole or examination of foreign vehicles with license plates in Georgia or Turkey. You will not pay any extra costs during your ride.

20 – why are prices listed as dollars? Can’t we get a Turkish Lira?

– In Georgia, car purchase is made in dollars, so if you have Turkish Lira, you must bring it in dollars. Please do not ask questions such as how many pounds are worth, type in TL and so on. We remind you that you can calculate daily exchange rates for the dollar of your Turkish Lira.

Another issue is the rumors that the dollar is lower in Georgia. There is no such thing as a country’s currency, in another country, in third countries. the country cannot be stronger against the currency, on the contrary, it is less likely to be traded twice. Please turn your money into dollars in Turkey, use Internet banking, if possible, the highest margin is in Internet banking.

21 – I would like to meet the friend who bought the car in this province. Can I get contact information?

– Confidentiality and satisfaction of our customers are essential to us. Under no circumstances will we contact our customers with our potential customers. However, if you are a serious buyer, you can make sure that you are sure to meet customers who have purchased from us, either by sharing your itinerary with us beforehand or by sending your landlords or vehicles you wish to purchase. Again, it is not possible for you to contact our customers without clarifying your decision. If you still have a problem with confidence, do not worry about getting a car from Georgia. Do not unnecessarily create the forum crowd. Everyone has their own free will, we don’t sell cars to anyone.

22 – what happens to the price end?

– Our prices are not flexible. Our first price is the same as our last price. It is utterly disrespectful to negotiate on a vehicle you buy at half price or lower. Even if you buy 25 cars, there is no discount under normal conditions. Please do not try to trade with unnecessary price offers. Negotiation is done at the beginning of the vehicle.

23-Georgia Visa required?

– No, you can even come to Georgia with your Turkish identity. Sales transactions can be made after your identity has been certified with an internationally valid certificate, and it keeps the price at around 100 liras, but it accelerates your passport transactions for 4-5 hours and saves you from spending this extra 100 liras. We recommend you come with a passport.

24 – there is news in the newspaper connecting vehicles, we wanted to ask again and again what is this event?

– If you watch or read the news carefully, you will understand that these tools are an application for the use of people other than the real owner. We say it’s impossible to drive by proxy or by illegal means since the first day. Most of the people you see in the news and newspapers are subjected to legal sanctions by neglecting the vehicle usage rules (renting a vehicle for personal use, providing unregistered commercial income over the vehicle, smuggling and illegal use, using the vehicle to other people, taxing, etc.). Again and again we are overwhelmed by the same questions. We are not giving power. We allow you to drive legally and legally as a licensee. Our customers who have used the vehicle for 2 years and will continue to use it. We will inform the people who continue to ask questions about this and who are engaged in the defamation policy, that we will permanently remove them from our group. Please do not answer these questions any more.

25 – 6 months (185 days) do I have to reside in Georgia? Am I getting the car out of customs myself? Causing?

You can not remove the vehicle you purchased yourself from customs, you are a guarantor of our employee (Georgia citizen) will remove your vehicle on your behalf, you use your own license in Turkey. Now, please don’t ask the same questions. You do not have to reside for 6 months. The vehicle you buy is given to your name with a license, customs is removed by us, you have the right to use 2 years in Turkey.

We get the car out, you drive, we get the car out, you drive.

We get the car out, you drive, we get the car out, you drive.

26 – on who’s Car? Can I have a car by Proxy?

The vehicle is on you, so you’re licensed. You are not allowed to drive in Turkey without a license holder. Power of attorney is forbidden. Driving and driving by proxy is prohibited. You can’t drive by Proxy. We sell vehicles with licenses. The authorisation holder means the owner of the vehicle, you become the legal owner of the vehicle.

Caution: you are the owner of the license.

27-LPG license can we operate?

LPG can be installed in Georgia or Turkey, there is no such thing as lpg operating license in foreign vehicles. YOU CAN PLUG IN LPG

28 – which documents are required?

You don’t need any paperwork to get a car from us. Your ID or passport is sufficient. The only document you need to bring with you is your identity or passport. If you will come with identification, make sure that the coating on the identity is new and pureless and that the cold seal is evident. WE REPEAT, YOU DON’T NEED PAPERWORK TO GET YOUR CAR.

If the above mentioned materials are appropriate, you can contact the telephone. Please do not contact the telephone before reading or to ask again the above mentioned articles. Do we have this car? never ask such questions. Only sales and reservations are made on the phone. We’il give you your information.