27 Kasım 2016 0 Yazar: Erhan GENÇ

Students want to live in abroad and study in there so they learn foreign languages. Valencia, some of them can achieve that and go to the other countries. Why do they go there? They have lots of reasons to do it but studying in abroad has lots of advantages and also lots of disadvantages.

Studying in abroad has lots of advantages. First of all; if you go to the abroad, you will become a self-confident person. Because you are alone at the beginning and you must be brave to do something. It makes you self-confident. Secondly, you can improve your foreign language easily in there. Because all of the people speak foreign language and you have to communicate to each other. At the beginning of this adventure will be very difficult but after that you can learn that language very easily. Thirdly; while you study in abroad, you will have lots of chances to meet other cultures. It makes you global-person because you will know everything about other cultures.


Studying in abroad looks very pretty but it has lots of disadvantages. For example, studying in abroad requires lots of money. Valencia, Because in abroad life is very expensive and also their currency is different from ours. The other disadvantage is social life. At the beginning of the adventure, life will be very difficult. Because you can’t speak to each other. You will fell so alone. Missing your country is third one. If you go abroad, you can’t come back to your country easily. Because tickets are very expensive and also you will be very busy about your lessons.

In short studying in abroad has lots of advantages and disadvantages but if you believe yourself, any of these disadvantages can’t stop you and you can achieve everything in abroad. You can get more information about Valencia in